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Stigma® is a family run business based in California and was created by brother and sister co-founders Anthony & Nicole Gonzales.


"As cannabis consumers, we’re often seen as lazy and unproductive, but for so many of us this is far from the truth. We created Stigma because we knew there were people out there just like us who combine cannabis and fitness every single day to support their wellness journey. People of all different ages and backgrounds who consume cannabis while leading healthy, productive, and active lives. A vape hit before a long run, CBD balm to sooth sore muscles, or an edible to get the body relaxed and rested. Our active lifestyle brand connects with cannabis consumers who want to join the movement to end cannabis stigma."

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Cannabis Athlete, NFL football player, Stigma Brand Ambassador Mike James


Stigma® is a growing community of all different ages and backgrounds from around the world who believe in shattering the "lazy stoner" stereotype. Active, productive, and successful members of society who use cannabis to support our overall health and wellness. Together, we're educating others and helping redefine cannabis.

Mike James, NFL Running Back 

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