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Timberlin Henderson knows how to smoke the competition. He wakes up every morning, before the sun rises, and runs to the east. It’s a Navajo tradition passed onto him by his elders that he's been practicing since just 5 years old. 

As a Stigma® Brand Ambassador, Timbo has been working since 2018 to crush the “lazy stoner” stereotype. He’s been educating others both on and off the reservation on how running and cannabis can improve overall health.


He uses cannabis prior to his ultra long-distance runs, which can stretch for 50+ miles. It helps get him into the zone mentally and clear out any anxiety. Timbo is a true example of someone who is #redefiningcannabis through his actions. 


When he's not out on the trails, Timbo is helping destroy outdated stereotypes by sharing amazing images on social media. Make sure to give him a follow online and learn more about his journey on his recent Podcast interview with our friends at Green House Healthy. 

Do you embody the Stigma® lifestyle? Learn more about joining the Stigma® Community and sign up here.


Ultra Runner

Lives in

Colorado, US

Connect with Tim

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